Private tarot card readings

Gentle magic for tender hearts!

Find support in a heartfelt holistic tarot card reading, and be reminded of the bigger story of your life: it’s a poem; it’s a spiral; it’s a whole damn forest-garden. 

Available as 30, 60, or 90-minute online sessions. In-person may be requested but is not guaranteed. Book now.

Gentle magic for tender hearts.
Tarot as soul tending.
Deep nourishment and simple medicine.
Support to live each day as a poem.

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Tarot reading gift certificates

Give the gift of self-care, supported self-reflection, holistic wellness, soul-tending, and heartfelt magic. Easy to give, powerful to receive. 

Physical or digital certificates available, decorated with original watercolour art. Available for 30, 60, or 90 minutes online. In-person may be requested but is not guaranteed.

Contact for purchase.

Why tarot?

The muck of our lives becomes food for the flowers and fruits of our futures. 

Doing the invaluable work of breaking down what is ready to be let go, composting it into something nourishing, and then tending the soil of our hearts and souls to make a good home for new seeds to be planted within is enriching and transformative.

A well-supported tarot card reading is a method of heart-tending; of soul-tending.

Tarot cards act as a mediator between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind, allowing you to plumb the depths of your subconscious, and then breach the surface with treasures intact. My job is to translate the visual language of the cards into these meaningful treasures for you.

Through tarot you can…

Find meaning in your mistakes.
Uncover purpose in your pain.
Cradle the tenderest parts of yourself.
Nurture brave new tendrils of growth.
Push gently towards the light.
See yourself reflected back, brilliantly and clearly.
Discover your unique beauty.
Crystallize your intentions.
Receive guidance about the next steps of your journey.

Who do you want to bloom into?

Find support in a heartfelt holistic tarot card reading, and be reminded of the bigger story of your life: it’s a poem; it’s a spiral; it’s a whole damn forest-garden.


Personal Wellness Tarot

A 90-minute health-focused session that fuses holistic tarot with holistic nutrition and herbalism. Tarot can help to facilitate an introspective conversation and suggest direction for your healing. 

Diet, lifestyle, supplement, and herbal medicine suggestions are offered as indicated, and are summarized in a follow-up email. Book now.

Meet your witch

Candace O. Bell (B.A., C.N.P.) (she/her) is a professional tarot card reader, visual artist, certified holistic nutritionist, colon hydrotherapist, and kitchen witch. She teaches holistic nutrition at the most renowned holistic nutrition college in the industry.

Tarot is part of her truly holistic approach to wellness, through which she offers gentle magic for tender hearts. Candace has worked as a professionally trained tarot card reader for 8 years, reading at special events, corporate parties, markets, private parties, and in private one-on-one sessions.

Candace strives to remind you of your own strength, beauty, and wildness. With her unique blend of offerings, she seeks to nourish your wholeness, and to help you live each day as a poem.

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Feel held with a tarot card reading.
Be nourished with a wellness consultation.
Connect with the magic of community.

Be purposeful in your growth.

Live each day as a poem.


nourishment for 
the wholeness of you with food, herbs, & tarot

Wisecraft Wellness


Candace has read cards for me a number of times over the past few years now, and her gift is clear. Her warmth, empathy, and authenticity fill the room. She creates an inviting and beautiful setting in which to receive these divine messages, and her skill in interpreting them is soothing, comforting and feels safe. Thank you, Candace, for guiding me in a way that no one else can at these important, pivotal times in my life.

-Mel. C

Candace is absolutely incredible. Her client communication is prompt and friendly, and when you meet her in person you’ll come to see that her energy is just as warm, open and kind as you would hope for in a tarot reader.
We spent an hour or so with Candace in a private reading as a couple. She made us feel incredibly comfortable from the first moment we stepped into her (very witchy) space. We were offered a gorgeous tea made from her her garden, and had a discussion about what we hoped for from the reading. We settled on a wheel of the year reading with some clarification cards for our wedding.
Now, let me note that my partner is a naturally skeptically person and she was incredibly impressed and touched by the reading Candace gave to us – she even cried which is a real testament to how Candace makes these connections with you that touch your soul, even after you’ve just met her.

We cannot recommend Candace enough for your tarot needs – she is one of the finest readers we have worked with, and we will be booking her again!

- Rebecca W.

What really stood out to me about Candace’s Tarot practice is that I could feel how much she takes it seriously and how she genuinely loves the work and loves helping others find the answers they hold within themselves through the magic of the cards. I admire the fact that she didn’t try to force any answers or her own opinions onto the readings and instead guided me to revealing the answers for myself.

-Taylor M.

At first I was a little hesitant about getting a tarot reading. I remember she specifically said to me, “This is a conversation between you and your higher mind – I’m simply here to facilitate the conversation.” With my curiosity piqued, I asked somewhat of a general question. Despite expecting somewhat of a general response, Candace read the cards one by one and pieced together the story. To my amazement, the message was crystal clear to me. Not only did the reading completely blow me away, it was the confirmation that I needed to hear. I would recommend Candace to anyone seeking answers in any area of their life. She will definitely help bridge the gap between you and your higher mind!

-Scott E.

How a reading works

  • Choose the style or length of tarot card reading you would like.

  • Before your reading, get comfortable in a calm, private space, and take a few minutes to ground yourself. You might wish to light a candle and take some deep breaths.

  • Tell me your question, or describe what area of your life your life you would like clarity or guidance around, and together we will formulate a nourishing question.

  • Sink into the experience with me as I interpret the cards for you. You are welcome to reflect and share as you process each step, or simply listen and receive.

  • You might wish to have a journal handy, to write down key messages and prompts.

  • Feel the love and support!


Be purposeful in your growth.


Upcoming Events:

I have typically seen this type of activity or interaction as mystical, unusual and entertaining (as in a fun movie kind of entertaining). But certainly not serious. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
Candace was kind, sweet, pleasant and articulate. This is a woman who is truly gifted in what she does. It is evident she has an intimate connection to what is natural and those things unseen by the eyes. She is insightful, very open minded, attentive to detail and most importantly genuine.
I recommend Candace’s services whole heartedly. Your life will be richer for having spent time with her.
Thank you Candace for the insight and impact you’ve had on my journey.

-Jason K.

A great opportunity to bridge any cleavage, clean what may be muddled, and kindle clarity within. Candace is calm, keen, & straight arrow. Her understanding of the Tarot is widespread, her words wonderfully woven, and her delivery modest & mighty. Lend a credulous ear, or not... either way- you’ll be delighted and amazed by what you will hear.

One of the foremost readers around today.

Highly recommended!

- Anthony F.

I asked Candace for help when I wasn't sure what to do with my health any more. She pointed me towards things I have been doing that I hadn't connected to my condition, and suggested I try others things that had never occurred to me. She helped me consider my options, and recommended a tea that has helped me feel stable while I adjust to the changes in my life.

-Sharon O.

Queer Plant Walk

in High Park, Toronto

Sunday, July 23, 2023

1:00pm - 3:30pm


Participants must register via @queerforestclub on Instagram

registration form will be posted via their link in bio, one week prior to the event

Link to @queerforestclub

Herbs & Tarot
A day-long workshop at FULCRUM SKILL SHARE

Fulcrum Skill Share: an outdoor gathering

at Coyote Tales Farm in Bancroft

May 17-20, 2024

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Queer Tarot 101 
(an in-person class)

at Bistitchual Craft Shop: 

266 Jane Street, in west Toronto

Saturday, August 5, 2023

1:00pm - 3:00pm

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Candace offered personalized tarot card readings to my guests at my boat birthday party and they absolutely loved the sessions. I was in awe when I saw people literally line up waiting for their turn. She added a beautiful atmosphere to the party. I loved working with her, she’s detailed, on time, brings props and nice table decoration to set the mood right. Can’t thank her enough for her service. It was a surprise to my guests and they were absolutely thrilled to know there will be a tarot card reader with us. She really added that extra sparkle to the event. It was a boat party with loud music, and yet, everybody was eager to have their tarot card readings. It gave each one of us meaning and inspiration as we sailed and danced on board, and celebrated my birthday. Would 100% recommend her if you’re considering adding a little psychic sparkle to your event.

- Dalia S.

Candace was extremely helpful, insightful, and kind. She made me feel extremely comfortable, especially since it was my first time getting a proper tarot reading done. She explained in detail the meanings of each card very well, and I felt safe and comfortable asking her any questions or concerns I had. I would definitely recommend Candace , and she is extremely good at what she does!

-Saanvi S.

Candace was able to add a whole new dimension to the party. She was extremely professional, and amazingly personable. Her readings were interesting and sparked discussion the entire night. Would love to have Candace at a party again and would highly recommend her to anyone!

- Kevin S.

Herbs & Tarot
A day-long workshop at FULCRUM SKILL SHARE

Fulcrum Skill Share: an outdoor gathering

at Coyote Tales Farm in Bancroft

May 17-20, 2024

Wellness Consulations

Support for your whole self, focusing on what you eat, how you eat, what you believe about yourself, and how you live. You will be met where you are, and guided toward deep nourishment and simple medicine. 

Contact to schedule an appointment and to receive your intake forms. Your questions and curiosities are also welcome.

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